Customer Comments...

Here are just a few snippets from our many happy customers, thanks for all of your support.

 “It’s head and shoulders above all the other gluten free breads we’ve eaten and excellent value for money. It’s easy and novel to make. The prevalence of the seeds and quinoa totally offsets the common blandness of most gluten free breads, also making the loaf highly nutritious. It tasted delicious, particularly good with my preferred topping of peanut butter on breakfast toast!”

- Yasmine G

“The loaf turned out beautifully and the taste is very artisan – slightly nutty with just the right amount of seeds. It’s a great idea, great taste with simple instructions and no mess,”

- Patrick P

"This business has found a way for us to take bread away on holiday! As we all no, home made bread doesn’t last longer that a few days. These boxes can me taken on holiday, and made while you are away. Easy to make, add just adding water makes it something that can easily join you on holiday. If you are worried about going on holiday and what you will be able to eat this product is for you. It even tastes very much like regular gluten bread. Thank you @theboxbakery1. They will be at @allergyfreefromshow again today to sample some of there lovely tasting bread."



"Great to meet you at the show. We think your product is brilliant


"Love this new bake at home gluten free bread."


"Great to see you there. I love your bread."


"This looks amazing. What a great idea. I’ll have to try this as I’m Coeliac.

It was lovely to meet you. I’ll definitely be putting an order in for more soon."


"A must visit stand, support smaller businesses especially ones with awesome innovations."